Creator & Founder of WALKER BUDDEZZ™

Meet Chad Dollarhide, the idea guy behind WALKER BUDDEZZ™. He is a physical therapy professional with a steadfast commitment to his patients.

Chad originally hails from the rocky mountain state of Colorado but grew up in the sunny desert of Scottsdale Arizona. At an early age Chad took an interest in other people’s health and wellbeing and was fascinating with how the body worked and functionally moved through space. This led to his initial studies and a career in therapeutic massage therapies. Committed to being the best he could be in his field, Chad quickly landed such prestigious opportunities as being the go to guy for the Arizona Ballet company and a staff therapist at the Palmer Institute of Healing Arts. However, Arizona was only a starting point for Chad and soon after this he would head off to his next stop in Los Angeles, California. This is where he would stay and eventually begin his journey into the world of Physical Therapy.  Chad went on to acquire a lot of great and invaluable experiences, such as an internship at Casa Colina, one of the most respected neuro-rehabilitative facilities in the country. There he was introduced first hand to the suffering caused by; fractures and falls, strokes, joint replacements, MS and Parkinson’s, among others.  It was this experience, coupled with the unfortunate news of his own mother needing a walker after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, that sparked an unrelenting passion to help people with mobility issues and to create for them, in some way, a better quality of life. It was only a few short years later that he would discover that his way to do that would be in creating a Fun and Functional product that enhanced the stability and would make walkers more user friendly, in WALKER BUDDEZZ™!


WALKER BUDDEZZ™ was the innovative idea of Chad Dollarhide, the creator and founder of the company.

The initial idea for WALKER BUDDEZZ™ came after spending years working in the physical therapy arena, and witnessing the horrible aftermath that slip and falls created, and resultantly made many patients bound to using walkers and other mobility devices that were oftentimes defined as being difficult to push and hard to maneuver, creating their own dangers to the patient.

So after listening to and learning from the patients as to what was limiting them with their mobility devices, Chad decided to take matters into his own hands and try and create a safer more stable product that people could count on. Chad spent several months developing and testing all the glides on the market, in which he found them all to have issues that might lead to falls. He realized that tennis balls were hard and sometimes dangerous to attach, collected filth and wore down very quickly. Ski’s and other glides were somewhat helpful as long as the user doesn’t go sideways, backwards or try to navigate over a rough threshold or crevice…none of these attachments were the answer. So after many trials and error prototypes, sorting through many design ideas and materials to find the ideal solution, Chad finally settled on what we now have as the WALKER BUDDEZZ™ glides.

After this process he distributed samples and started using them with various mobility impaired people that relied on a walker to get around.

The WALKER BUDDEZZ™ delighted and quickly garnered fast supporters, with comments such as “the Walker Buddezz made the walker feel more stable and secure” and “it was easier to push the walker and turn”. This feedback validated the safety and Chad felt that he nailed the Functionality of his product, but he wanted something more out of his WALKER BUDDEZZ™, and that was to now make them FUN. In Chads experience going to the homes of many patients he would notice that a very common thing was the presence of stuffed animals that loved ones had given them. Many of these stuffed animals held an important memory for the patient. He realized that creating fun and colorful covers, that represented the patients individuality, could be an important element for the patient’s emotional wellbeing. Thus the unique SKNZZ® covers were created and implemented. After all elements of the product were created and refined, Chad now wanted to get his new invention out to the world as he felt that every user of a mobility device should have at least one set. So, he partnered with the team of an established and respected company out of Nashville called Safe Step Walk-In-Tubs, because they had been creating wonderful life changing products for their clients for years. Now Chad and his team at WALKER BUDDEZZ™ want everyone to have access to his revolutionary new glides and to indulge their individual personalities with his SKNZZ® covers and FRAMZZ®. It is his sincere hope that you enjoy these products and feel all the love that went into creating them.