Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are WALKER BUDDEZZ™ for anyone using a walker?

WALKER BUDDEZZ™ were designed first and foremost with safety in mind. They have been been tested at major hospitals, rehab facilities and private homes for a few years now. In fact, aside from the products durability, wider base of support and non- straight-edge glide design, many reports from users have stated that the product also provides added confidence to the walker user by giving them an increased sense of security and stability. This creates an opportunity for improved walking performance and encourages the walker user to stand up straighter.

Why is WALKER BUDDEZZ™ a better option than the ski glides that are widely used?

There are MANY differences and benefits that separate the WALKER BUDDEZZ™ from other commonly used glide attachments. The WALKER BUDDEZZ™ are designed with a smooth and slightly rounded cylindrical base so there are no straight edges to catch obstructions in a pathway or to create unsafe friction when turning or backing up. WALKER BUDDEZZ™ are much easier to attach, made of durable materials that last no matter what surfaces they are used on. WALKER BUDDEZZ™ are also the only glides that can be personalized with the many SKNZZ™ cover options.

Are Walker Buddezz easy to clean?

Yes, not only are they easy to clean, but Walker Buddezz can be cleaned thoroughly unlike tennis balls and many other glides. Every component of the Walker Buddezz product can be sanitized even our machine washable SKNZZ covers.  This is of the upmost importance as many users of walkers have a compromised immune system, so it is essential to keep their living environment as clean and sanitary as possible.

How hard are they to attach?

WALKER BUDDEZZ™ attach in under 1 minute without the aid of any tools

Are Walker Buddezz really smoother on all surfaces, even sidewalks?

Yes, in fact one of the main compliments we receive is that the WALKER BUDDEZZ™ product is much smoother on harsher outdoor surfaces like concrete and brick. The WALKER BUDDEZZ™ patented  larger and stronger glide base traverses far more easily and with less resistance over cracks in the sidewalk, even low grass and rock, allowing the walker user to enjoy the great outdoors.

Does WALKER BUDDEZZ™ work with ALL walkers?

Yes, as the WALKER BUDDEZZ™ sleeve component has the ability to snap around and accommodate ALL the major distributed walkers on the market. WALKER BUDDEZZ™ also comes with small pieces of high density compression foam inserts so to eliminate any diameter discrepancy there may be.  If your WALKER BUDDEZZ™z feel loose at all, please refer to our assembly page for reference videos and thorough instruction on how to attach your WALKER BUDDEZZ™ to any stability device.

Can WALKER BUDDEZZ™ be used on other devices like Rollator Walkers, Canes and Crutches?

Yes. However, for the purpose of being used as a glide device, WALKER BUDDEZZ™ can only be used on the pegs legs of STANDARD and Two-Wheeled walkers.  But, because we realize in many cases a person may start out with a STANDARD walker and as their health or condition progresses they move on to a more advanced device like a ROLLATOR Walker (four wheels) or a cane. WALKER BUDDEZZ™ can progress with you and be used as a decorative FUN accessory for any mobility device.

I would like to give WALKER BUDDEZZ™ as a gift to my grandmother, who uses a walker. How do I know it will fit and not be a hassle for her?

WALKER BUDDEZZ™ make a wonderful and caring gift for someone you love. They attach easily to walkers and other mobility devices. They can only increase the quality of life, by adding stability and ease of mobility. If you choose our SKNZZ™ covers to go with it, you will have many options to personalize the gift. You can even insert a photo for your grandmother to proudly display in one of our FRAMZZ™ covers.